"Like a brand new Beetle that handles like a sports car with a fuel bill in the single digits."
– Bold Ride

Most Zelectrics are built to order. 

So it's rare for us to have any standing inventory. When we have select vehicles that are currently in-house and ready for rebuild commission, you'll find them here. Once in a blue moon, we may have a completely retrofitted Zelectric that's turnkey-ready for delivery. 

Sedans start at $75,000 complete, with additional custom-ordered upgrades available. Build time currently runs 4-6 months from the time work begins. 

Coming soon:  Turnkey & ready to drive. 102HP 1958 Anthracite "Ragtop Sunroof"  Beetle
Pan-off restoration -  leather interior  - 80 mile range.  video   photos   email for more info


Available now: Turnkey, ready to drive - 85HP 1967 21-window Deluxe Microbus   
video   photos   email for more info


Coming soon: 1964 walk-through Microbus with factory sunroof & sliding door.   video   email
Automobile Magazine: story and photos   More photos on Flickr   Featured on Wheeler Dealers


Available for a custom build with Tesla batteries:
1959 "ragtop sunroof" Beetle in newly painted "Diamond Grey"    photos    email for more info


[SOLD] 1973 Porsche 914 - 180HP dual motor - 120 mile range   photos   video 

[SOLD] This choice 1964 Sea Blue Beetle was pan-off restored a few years ago, and still showroom perfect. Complete with electric heater and Alpine/Focal sound system. 80 mile range.
Story and photos at Petrolicious. 

photo: Andrew Golseth, Petrolicious.com

Commissioned, retrofit currently in progress: (not available)

[SOLD] In progress: 1965 Polar White Convertible    photos 


In progress: After sitting for 14 years, this original owner 1965 Ruby Red Beetle is getting a full restoration and Zelectrification. 110 mi range Tesla battery pack. (client owned)   build photos


In progress: 1979 Orange Hi-Top Camper – mild restoration underway (client owned)


In progress: 1960 Black Ragtop Beetle with 110 mile range Tesla Battery Pack (client owned)


Completed cars (not available):

1966 Velvet Green Microbus with 80 mile range Tesla battery pack. Photos on Instagram


1974 VW Type 181 – AKA "The Thing," this custom build for ICON 4X4 features a 210hp racing motor, custom gearbox, upgraded suspension and a larger 38kWh battery. (client owned) 
Icon Customs walk-around video   Photos on Instagram


1966 Sedan - 80 mile range - 2014 La Jolla Concours Winner. (client owned)   video   photos

1973 Porsche 911 with dual motors
and larger 54kWh Tesla Model S battery pack - 150–180 mile range (client owned)  video

1969 Karmann Ghia with a custom 2-speed gearbox
and larger Tesla battery pack 130–150 mile range (client owned)   build photos   video

The "Discovery Bug" racy factory-original Ragtop, 1959 Mercury Silver. (client owned)
Currently prepping for release. Yes, that's Stanley the Basset Hound tucked in the back. He's field testing the comfort level of the seat there. 4 paws up.  Watch this bug rip around Laguna Seca.

Pristine 1960 white-on-white convertible. Rare. Show quality. This one has a new home, but if you like it, we'll produce another one custom built for you. (client owned)

For a full list of candidates for the Zelectric rebuild other than the classic Beetle, click here. Our focus is on producing turnkey vehicles, but If you already own a perfect candidate in prime condition, a Zelectric retrofit is possible. The base price for the client-owned Beetle rebuild is $56,000. Or, if you don't already have the VW you've always wanted, we will supply it.

From an investment perspective, the best Zelectric Beetle candidates are models built from 1958 through 1966 or 1967. These years represent the sweet spot - where Beetles offer the best combination of collectibility and drivability. Parts are easily available. Because we never compromise stock appearance, their values continue to climb over time. 

ZelectricBugs are available for customization, ready to be outfitted with client-selected upgrades and options. Each vehicle released for purchase features its own walk around in-depth video and detailed spec listings.

More to come. If you're interested in a specific model that's already sold, we can supply another of the same. Zelectric Beetle, Porsche 356, 911, 912, 914, Microbus, Karmann Ghia, or Thing... whichever model you have in mind, let us know. Email or call Zelectric Motors.