"Brace yourself for the sound of silence. But these days, quiet means fast." – ABC News Nightline

Early Porsches, Karmann Ghias, VW Things, and Microbuses–all perfect candidates for the Zelectric retrofit. 

Our specialty is exclusive. Vintage Volkswagen models and early Porsches. If it's not already in your garage, we can help locate the model you've always wanted, modify and electrify it for you. 

While our initial focus started with turnkey vintage Beetles, all rear-engined air-cooleds up to 1979 are perfectly designed for the Zelectric rebuild. Now these iconic rides can be reliable, exceptional daily drivers again.  

If you have a matching numbers classic, its original engine can be properly crated for safekeeping. No cutting or welding ever takes place, so the investment value of your vehicle continues to rise. From the outside, it will appear to be a stock-perfect sleeper, and if so desired, could always be converted back to fossil fuel consumption. But we’ve never heard of anyone choosing to go back to internal combustion.

What makes for a great Zelectric candidate? If you're considering a car you currently own, is it investment-worthy? With the exception of the engine, it should be in excellent working condition, with a manual transmission. Once the engine is removed, you can keep it or it can be sold, with a % of the sale price applied to the cost of the rebuild. 

Looking for an 80+ mile range? Zelectric retrofit packages generally start at $56k. Microbus rebuilds at $63k. Porsches can be more. This includes project management, design, batteries, electric components, and labor. Depending on the model, select mechanical upgrades such as rebuilt transmission, sway bars, HD shocks, radial tires, disc brakes, LED lamps, seat belts may be included. Electric heat, whitewalls and sound system upgrades are available options.

Once electric, get out and drive. Driving your upgraded classic will be easier than any standard midcentury car and way more fun than most one-speed EV production cars. Around town, you'll usually be in 2nd or 3rd gear only, no need to shift even when coming to a full stop and starting up again. The Zelectric's maintenance-free AC motor is designed to run 24/7 for 100 years, with state of the art lithium-iron batteries providing full range for at least 160,000 miles. 

Many models make good candidates for zelectrification. In addition to the beloved Beetle, these pre-1980 models rank among the best:

– VW Karmann Ghia

– VW Microbus, including Split and Bay Window

– VW Thing

– Meyers Manx

– Porsche 356, 911, 912, 914 and Replicas

– VW Squarebacks, Notchbacks, Fastbacks

– Fiat 500 (coming soon)


Everything in life is a trade off to some degree.
Ask yourself. Is a Zelectric right for you?

What you don't get.

  • No gasoline.

  • No tailpipe.

  • No engine.

  • No carburator.

  • No oil leaks. No oil.

  • No motor maintenance.

  • No emissions.

  • No power steering.

  • No power windows.

  • No door handles that light up and
    rise out of the car to greet you.

  • No 17" touchpad in the dash.

  • No depreciation.

  • No looking like every other car
    out there.

  • No driving something that looks
    like an angry appliance.

  • No keyless ignition.

  • No car-recognizes-your-face thing.
    Your face recognizes your car instead.

  • No sound. Well some, but not much.

  • No space lost under the hood.

  • No spending money at gas stations unless you want to buy a candy bar.

  • No waiting to warm up the engine.
    Because you don't have one.

  • No turning on the heater and breathing toxic gas fumes.

  • No tank of highly flammable liquid sloshing around a few feet away from you.

What you do get. 

  • Yes! Spare tire.

  • Yes. AC Motor designed by Nikola Tesla.

  • Uh-huh. Ridiculously fast acceleration.

  • Yes. Smart Phone compatible car - optional device holds it in place for GPS navigation.

  • Yes! Drive tastefully, in high style.

  • Yes. Rediscover the fun of driving a real car.

  • Yes. Turn heads. Without trying.

  • Yes: just plug it in. Anywhere.

  • Yes - you will be seen going places in the most iconic, beloved auto ever designed.

  • Yes. Old skool rules.

  • Yes. It's a sleeper. Amaze and delight friends who are clueless.

  • Yes. Fit into really small parking places.

  • Yes. Take a joyride.

  • Yes. A car that continues to increase in value.

  • Yes. A thoroughly dependable ride that's awesome fun to pilot.

  • Yes. Charge with solar power, fueled by sunshine.

  • Yes. A happy feeling because your carbon footprint is diminished.

  • Yes. Everyone else will see how smart you really are. At last.

  • Yes. You are driving the greenest, recycled type car on the planet. Good for Mother Earth.

  • Yes. Thumbs up from strangers when you least expect it.

  • Yes. A back seat.

  • A horn with an instantly recognizable sound.