For a list of great candidates for zelectrification other than the classic Beetle, click here. If your current car is on the list, we can zelectrify it. If it isn't, call us. 619-709-6155. Or, if you don't currently own the car you've always wanted, we can help you find it, then make it Zelectric. 

Can you convert my Karmann Ghia? What about a 356? Can you find me a mango-green Oval and zelectrify it?

 Yes. We get these questions all the time.

While our initial focus has been on providing turnkey vintage Beetles from 1958-66, any car can be upgraded to electric. Some are simply better candidates. Beetle years 58-66 represent the investment "sweet spot" where best collectibility and drivability intersect. Parts are readily available and value continues to climb, while they require the least amount of "re-engineering" to turn them into electric joyrides. But yes, Zelectric Motors can convert many other makes and models including yours – or one that you'd like to be yours. We can locate your dream car, modify and electrify it for you.

What makes for a good Zelectric candidate? First and foremost, ask yourself: is it investment-worthy? Other than the engine, the car should be in good working condition, with a manual transmission, and a curb weight under 2,000 lbs. Most smaller 1960's cars (along with a few 50's & 70's) meet these requirements. 

Looking for an 80-100-mile range? Conversions generally run in the $45k - $60k range. At the low end, this includes design, batteries, electric components and labor. Your car may also require or benefit from additional upgrades (i.e., rebuilt transmission, sway bars, HD shocks, radial tires, disc brakes, LED lamps, seat belts, electric heater etc.) In order to protect your investment, nothing is cut or welded onto the car. From the outside, it will appear to be a perfect classic "sleeper." 

Once this car is electric, you'll be surprised at how often you'll want to drive it. It will be easier and simply more fun to drive than any standard mid-century car. Around town, you'll be driving primarily in 2nd or 3rd gear, with no shifting up or down when coming to a stop. The Zelectric build's maintenance-free AC motor is designed to run 24/7 for 100 years, with state of the art lithium-iron batteries providing full range for at least 160,000 miles. 

While many models make good candidates for Zelectrification, here are some Beetle relatives that rank among the best:

– VW Karmann Ghia

– VW Microbus

– VWThing

– Any air-cooled Volkswagen from 1950-79

– Meyers Manx

– Porsche 356

– Porsche 911, 912, 914

– Porsche Replicas

Here are a few vintage favorites we're considering for future makeovers:

– BMW 1600, 2000, 2002


– Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite

– Fiat 500, 600, Spider 124

– Alfa Romeo anything

– Lancia

– Nash Metropolitan

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