"Zelectric is bringing vintage VW Bugs 
  into the 21st century." – CNN/Money

Midcentury cars were made for a different world–one that had what seemed like an endless supply of cheap gasoline and no air pollution. They were never built for today's pricey unleaded gas and greenhouse warming. But unlike cars today, they were designed with timeless character and endless appeal. 

Zelectric Motors offers the best of both worlds. 

Built to order.

Got a classic Bug already? Or maybe you're just dreaming of one. We can help with that. Our services include locating the perfect match for you if it's not already parked in your garage.

Zelectric Motors is taking some of the finest designs in automotive history and outfitting them to go the distance now. We're starting with the ZelectricBug, but will zelectrify your air-cooled classic or help you find one you've dreamed of owning and transform it into an awesome 21st century drive. Porsches, Karmann Ghias, Things, and Buses. All perfect candidates. 

We believe.

We believe in keeping these iconic classics on the road, and in maintaining their appearance in as perfect stock condition as possible, without cutting or welding. Their values continue to rise. 

We believe that the act of driving should be awesome fun. And we're all for treating the earth fairly by not adding to the hot mess she's already dealing with.

When these Porsche-designed vehicles are enhanced with today's most advanced electric performance package, they offer maximum return on automotive investment–both in terms of value and the extraordinary fun of just driving them. 

The car, if it’s more than a household appliance, tells a lot about the owner, and let’s not kid ourselves, it has to have a bit of headturning-capability.

That, however, should not only come from the car being some fancy, expensive luxury-item. It has to have a bit from the owner’s personality. Something custom-made, unique, bearing the sign that this car is loved, and it’s the result of imagination and hard work.
— Total Car Magazine