"Quick, Clean and Classic." 
– VW Das Auto Magazine

Each Zelectric is built to order. To provide an optimum driving experience, our Performance Upgrade includes an array of basic modifications in addition to the electric conversion. Beyond that, custom options are available. We are all about performance. The drive is the thing.

Pricing for a ZelectricBug sedan starts at $73,500. This includes restored models from 1958-1967 which have been meticulously upgraded and converted. Ragtops - $83,500 and convertible models - $93,500. In general, the cost of any model Zelectric - Bug, Microbus, Ghia, or Thing - will run approximately $55,000 in addition to the current market value of the vehicle. Porsche builds can be more. 

“Turn on, Tune In, Plug In: [ The Zelectric ] is a quiet Beetle... one that doesn’t leak, doesn’t overheat, doesn’t pump fumes into the cabin from its non-existent rusty heat exchangers, doesn’t need tuning up every few hundred miles, and costs pennies to run.”

The typical turnkey ZelectricBug sedan (1958-1966) starts at $73,500. But every car is a vintage classic and will be priced according to its unique characteristics.

Sun roof, convertible and other air-cooled models will be available including air-cooled Porsches and replicas, each priced according to current market value plus $54,500 for the basic Zelectric rebuild. 

We can also retrofit your currently owned rear-engined air-cooled classic with select components starting at $54,500.



Zelectric High Performance Electric Retrofit:

100+ mile range battery pack

Double+ the original horsepower 

Regen braking

120 foot-pounds of instant torque

Top speed 100+ MPH (so far)

Battery life: 160,000+ miles - 10–15+ years

Lithium Batteries (recyclable & dependable)

No metal is cut - nothing welded on

Included Electric Components

- Maintenance-free 100% electric 3-phase 65KW AC motor

- Regen braking

- 27 kWh Lithium battery pack 

- 650 amp Controller with custom cooling system

- 2500 watt on-board charging system

- DC/DC converter (charges stock 12-volt system - lights radio etc.)

- 6061-Aluminium CAD Battery Boxes & Motor Mounts

- Drive-by-wire throttle system

- Dash-mounted selectable regen power switch

- Dash-mounted digital dash-mounted e-fuel gauge

- Built-in J1772 charge port for Level 1 & 2 home or public charging

- Portable 110v Level 1 household charger


Mechanical Drivetrain Improvements

- Heavy Duty Clutch & Lightened Flywheel 

- Rebuilt 4-speed  or custom 2-speed Transaxle

- Short throw shifter


Suspension Improvements

- Adjustable front beam - Rear adjustable spring plates

- Front and rear heavy duty sway bars

- Gas shocks

- Front Disc Brakes


Standard Features Included

- Regen braking

- 12-volt electric running gear upgrade (lights, wipers, etc.)

- Sound Deadening throughout

- Full carpet and/or rubber mat flooring

- Under-dash parcel shelf

- LED Headlamps (wonderfully bright)

- LED Tail, brake & parking lamps

- Spare tire, jack & lug wrench


Zelectric Optional Upgrades

- Custom 2-speed transmission (included)

- Custom white wall radial tire & rim package 

- Custom Bluetooth stereo system  

- Electric Ceramic Heater system (wonderfully warm)

- Custom roof rack

- Air conditioning package coming soon!


Every Zelectric build Includes

- Detailed wiring diagram of the car’s original system

- Detailed wiring diagram of the new Zelectric components

- Zelectric Driving Guide - info for owners



- Manufacturer's warranties range from 1-5 years



Please note that all specifications and prices are subject to change. 


The electrical engineering design of the prototype ZelectricBug was developed with Zelectric partner EV West, builders of the BMW M3 that remains the fastest street-division electric to take the International Pike's Peak Hill Climb. 



Living with a Classic Electric VW

- No oil. No gas. No emissions.

- No valves to adjust

- Huge VW parts network worldwide 

- VW mechanics everywhere


Electric Motor vs. Gas Engine

- No maintenance

- No valves to adjust

- No carburetors to adjust

- No fuel, oil, air filters to replace

- No belts or mufflers to replace

- No spark plugs/wire

- No oil

- No gas

- More effective use of energy

- Uses American-made energy

- 85% of new power plants are using green energy


Driving differences

- Shifting — less

- Braking — less

- HP — double what it used to be

- Torque — instant

- Motor maintenance — zero

- No warm up

- This is a city car — 80–100 mi range



- Plug in at night - ready with a "full tank" in the morning

- Solar-power ready, run on sunshine

- Charge anywhere 110/220v household outlet or 220 public charger

- Drive 100 miles on $3-4 of electricity


We keep it stock. 

- Nothing cut or welded on

- Period-correct interior

- Can be converted back to stock ICE

- White wall tires

- Spare tire

- Manual transmission

- The car is going up in value.

- Every car has a 50 year history and will feature unique options.

- Everything works in the car. 

- We test the car 500+ miles before releasing it.

- Everything is tested - what needs replacing we replace.

- Zelectrics have won awards in various California concours-level car events.