"Disconcertingly quick off the line, remarkably easy to drive." – BBC Autos

This is Past-Perfect-Future innovation at its best. A total sleeper. Take your Zelectric out to car shows and be prepared to delight, amaze and blow some minds. There's just something about these venerable classics that engenders good will and inexplicable happiness.

The Zelectric rebuild transforms what were originally relatively loud, slow rides into 21st century quiet, fast vehicles. Will you miss the old putt-putt sound? Perhaps you will. For about 10 seconds.  


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“I found this unholy cyborg absolutely delightful to drive.”
— Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik


Instant Radical Acceleration, Selectable Torque
Zelectrics can typically deliver up to triple the horsepower of the their original stock engine. But with electric cars, horsepower doesn't really tell the story. Here, it's all about torque. While they can be driven as effortlessly as any automatic, all Zelectric models offer the exclusive 4-on-the-floor option of selectable torque - a feature not found in any production EVs today. With manual transmission rebuilt and retained, the amount of torque launching the car depends on the gear it's in. 

“The lower the gear, the higher the torque, the more dramatic the acceleration, and, interestingly, de-acceleration, since the (ZelectricBug) Beetle uses regenerative braking/coasting to convert speed back into electricity.”
— Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik

Top Speed  
On the track, over 100mph. But you won't be driving that fast most of the time, will you? Regardless, you'll fly into freeway speed effortlessly and cruise happily at 70-80+ mph. 

Mileage range on a full charge? It’s customizable. Choose 60, 80–180+ miles. It depends on your model and options you select. Unlike gasmobiles, EVs get the best extended range when just driving around town. Driving at higher hIghway speeds for extended distance generally reduces range by 10-20%. All Zelectric models feature a fuel gauge, so it's easy to monitor energy consumption and see at a glance how many miles are available before your next charge. 

Part 1 of 2. Hop in the passenger seat and take a spin in our first production ZelectricBug. This is different from driving a production EV, and VERY different from driving a stock VW. 

Part 2 of 2. Learn about charging the ZelectricBug and its various features. 

To Shift ... or not to Shift? 
We rebuild and use the original VW stock transmission, which allows optional shifting. A Zelectric can literally drive from 0-80mph in 3rd gear. No need to downshift when slowing or stopping. But with four-on-the-floor, you also have the option of driving it like any manual transmission. If you love the act of driving pure and simple, you'll love the selectable torque that's a Zelectric exclusive. Lower gear = more torque.

Variable Regenerative Braking
The Zelectric rebuild includes an adjustable "regen" braking feature that works with a simple switch. When you slow down, the kinetic energy that was moving the car forward flows back into the battery pack, extending your available mileage range. The amount of regen can be set higher or lower, to your liking. With more regen activated, driving the Zelectric can almost become a one-pedal affair. 

Charging at Home
Instead of heading to a gas station, your fuel station will now be conveniently located in your garage or carport. Just plug in at night and wake up fully charged. It's easy, no special installation required. Use any regular 110v or 220v outlet, a "level 2" 240v charging station, or any industry standard (J1772) public charging station. The batteries fill themselves with fuel. EV driver discount rates are available through many utility companies when recharging at home during non-peak hours at night. Check with yours.

The Cost of Electric Fuel
Solar-supplied fuel is FREE. But if you’re buying electricity from your utility company, it varies. In San Diego, it costs about $3 to drive 100 miles, like if your gasmobile got about 120 miles to the gallon. How sweet it is.

Where to Charge When Not at Home
Public charging stations are popping up everywhere. When on the road, use your smartphone to find one nearby. Just download the free Plugshare app in the App Store to map out nearby charging stations across North America. With the exception of Tesla's proprietary stations, public chargers all use a J1772 plug. Charge up anywhere with Zelectric's built-in J1772 charge port.

Batteries Good Through 2032 and Beyond
Zelectrics use lithium batteries, the same chemistry at work in today's Tesla models. In more recent builds we’re using Tesla-sourced batteries, slated to last 160,000 miles or more, which means 12-15+ years of typical daily driving.

After that, their range will diminish slightly, but still deliver 80%-90% of the original full charge. In a decade or two, it will be simple to swap up to whatever the future offers in batteries. Then you'll be able to repurpose your original full set of lithium batteries for use with a home solar installation. 

Investment value: unlike today's mass-production cars, Zelectric-rebuilt classics continue to appreciate in value. Their stock appearance is perfectly maintained, never cut or welded. Any Zelectric-modified vehicle could be restored to burning fossil fuel again with an original ICE, but no one has ever done that. Or wanted to!

The Zelectric is today’s alternative electric vehicle. The one with personality. Do you have the personality for it? Discover the answer below.

Find Out if You're a Prime Candidate to go Zelectric.

Let’s see if you make the grade. Be honest now.

Let’s see if you make the grade. Be honest now.

  1. I love to make noise. The louder the better, the world should hear me coming.

  2. I'm not big on character; I prefer to look like everyone else.

  3. Come on, driving is merely for going from point A to point B, not for fun.

  4. I'll be perfectly ok with my next car's value taking a dive the day I buy it.

  5. I like global warming and seek to contribute my fair share. 

  6. I would never drive a vintage VW. Weren't they those hippie cars?

  7. There's a special place in my heart for big oil companies. Gas stations too. We need to support those poor businesses. They may be considered endangered and facing extinction before too long. 

If you've answered yes to even one of these questions, congratulations. There are many cars for you to choose from, but a Zelectric is not one of them.

Are your answers no, no, no, no, no, no, no?

Then you might be well-suited to pilot a Zelectric.