"The classic VW is transformed from a smoky, outdated, air-cooled flat-four-cylinder into a sleek, modern electric."
 – NY Daily News

Was your first car a VW Bug? Or maybe a Karmann Ghia, or an iconic Microbus. If so, you're not alone. Maybe there's a particular year or color or model that calls to you. Or perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who kept yours, and now you're ready to give it a new super-charged life. (We can do that.)

If you sold that special car or Bus long, long ago, know that there are still some beautifully maintained models out there. But odds are they're not found locally, because they are rare. And increasingly investment-worthy.

We source them. If you don't already own it, we'll locate North America's Best of the Best on your behalf and present you with our finds.

Once we've thoroughly investigated and verified the condition of a prospective purchase - including, if called for, a personal onsite inspection by an automotive expert, we'll help facilitate your transaction. If needed, we’ll can then arrange shipping to Zelectric Motors in San Diego, California. 

Once your car lands in our shop, we'll go over every nut and bolt to ensure that anything requiring even a tiny amount of attention is noted. We'll review the modifications and upgrades included in the basic Zelectric build with you, and identify additional options you may have in mind. All costs will be reviewed and approved by you prior to any work on your behalf. Required build and delivery time varies. 

When it's ready to go, you're welcome to visit our San Diego workspace and put the pedal to the metal with us to take it for a spin. Or we’ll arrange to have it shipped to you on your behalf.