Robb Report: "...Porsche Transformed, a Clean Dream Machine...150 mph"

"This electrified Targa covers zero to 60 in 7 seconds as it bolts to 150 mph. Masters at adding voltage to vintage vehicles, the San Diego–based team at Zelectric Motors recently worked their automotive magic to present a reimagined 1973 Porsche 911S Targa with an all-electric power train...  And to ensure the car’s authenticity and aesthetic integrity, no cuts or welds were made during the painstaking 11-month process." More pics and full article here. 

Automobile Magazine:  

"Meet the all electric 1964 Volkswagen Microbus. With some 80 horsepower and 120 lb-ft of torque, the Bus moves cleanly away from a stop in third gear...around town the need to shift at all is pretty rare (third will take you from 0 to roughly 80 mph)...for a forward-thinking classic car enthusiast, it may be worth every penny."

Left, Future I.D. Buzz. Right, Retro-Future Zelectric. Both 100% electric. Pebble Beach, 2017.

Left, Future I.D. Buzz. Right, Retro-Future Zelectric. Both 100% electric. Pebble Beach, 2017.

Volkswagen Magazine:
 “[ Zelectric ]–the forerunner of Volkswagen’s electric offensive in America.” 

Volkswagen personally invited us to attend their official west coast debut of the "I.D. Buzz," an electric concept (scheduled delivery 2022) designed to be the successor of the beloved Microbus. While it may not have the iconic personality of the original, its all-electric heart is certainly in the right place. VW's official coverage of the event included this interview with David, and photographs of the 1958 ZelectricBug shown above. Read it here. 

"Zelectric is Ahead of the Curve...
a Radically Improved Driving Experience."

"It's Zelectric: Why this Beetle Could be the Perfect EV Classic. Charming as they are, old VWs were hilariously underpowered in stock trim, making the instant torque delivery from an electric setup all the more sensible an upgrade." 
----- continued....

Wall Street Journal:
"Next in Tech: Electric-Powered Vintage VW Beetles Take Off."

WSJ Magazine: 

"Classic cars that are eco-friendly... the only electric cars that retain four speed transmissions, with lower gears allowing for more torque. Press the accelerator and they zip along with surprising power. But perhaps the cars' most compelling feature is just how fun they are to drive." 

More pics and the entire WSJ feature article here. 

Scroll down for more zelectric reviews... from CNN/Money, BBC Autos, Robb Report, VolksWagen's Das Auto Magazine, and MORE.

Modern Luxury: 
"The Ultimate Southern California Ride... It's Zelectric!"

"Move over, Tesla. San Diego-based Zelectric Motors is vying for the title of coolest when it comes to plug in cars, retrofitting mint-condition classics like the Volkswagen Beetle with eco-torque." Read all about it here.

"Curvy, cute and a touch geeky in the coolest way possible." - Where Magazine

Coming to San Diego? You may find a Where Magazine Guestbook waiting for you in your hotel room. Read the story of the Lightning Bug here

VW Das Auto Magazine: 
"California's Zelectric is turning old Beetles into state-of-the-art electric cars with a classic retro style."

"Here comes the Bug: Ever since the 1960s, the Beetle has embodied the lifestyle of West Coast America." Read what Volkswagen says about the Zelectric here. 

"The classic Beetle goes electric... surprisingly fun and quick!" - CNN/Money 

"Zelectric is bringing vintage VW Bugs into the 21st century, turning the gas-fueled classics into modern day electric vehicles.... If you want an electric car with some personality, how about a classic Volkswagen Beetle?" - Peter Valdes-Dupena, CNN/Money, link here.

"He has torque, something that never had the original Beetle. This makes the amusing driving..."* – WebMotors, Brazil

* google translation of Portuguese to English. OUR BEST GUESS? probably closer to something like “this car is crazy fun to drivE.”

WebMotors - Brazil's #1 automotive website - great video on our Volkswagen Fusca Eletrico! (That's Portuguese for Electric Beetle.) Super fun - even if you don't understand the language. David speaks very slowly because he felt that they didn't really understand English. And he hadn't had his morning coffee yet.

Zelectric named BEST OF THE BEST
Specialty Vehicles / Alternative Energy.  – Robb Report

"Drivers old enough to remember the 1960s-era Beetles may be surprised by the absence of the clatter that came from the original car’s opposed 4-cylinder engine. Instead, all they will hear is the whisper of tire treads touching asphalt." 
- read more from the Robb Report here.

 "So there you have it. Like a brand new Beetle that handles and drives like a sports car and a fuel bill in the single digits." 

"For the serious VW enthusiast with a penchant for new technology, get the keys to this jet black 1966 Zelectric Bug, the first all-electric Volkswagen Beetle, on sale from San Diego’s Zelectric Motors."

Total Car Magazine
"One of the most iconic vehicle designs ever combined with modern electric technology..." 

Read original article here

Huffington Post:
"Perfect for the Modern Hippie: Iconic car, reborn. Classic outside, Tomorrowland-electric inside. Pure adrenaline."

"When you think flower-power and peace signs, you also think of the 1960s VW Bug and Bus. Today, the new VWs seem more like the cars for Yuppies with puppies, and driving a Prius around just seems so boring. So what shall a lost-in-the-60s, socially conscious, earth-loving, free spirit drive these days? Zelectric Motors has just the option for you: an electric 1960s VW Beetle." Read their review here

"I found this unholy cyborg to be absolutely delightful to drive."
– Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik

Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik's revered Vdub expert and hard core aficianado, shares his uncensored thoughts on the Zelectric driving experience - read his write-up here

"The People's Electric Vehicle...exactly what's needed to stand out in a sea of soulless Priuses." – Penthouse Magazine

Feature article in March 2015 issue. Always happy for the "exposure." For the faint of heart, just skip to the Zelectric spread on pages 22-23.

Feature article in March 2015 issue. Always happy for the "exposure." For the faint of heart, just skip to the Zelectric spread on pages 22-23.

" With 120 ft-lb of electric torque and horsepower double that of the original, this Bug can fly!"

On June 15, 2014, videographer Robert Angelo (creator of Leno's Garage) found us at the annual Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance. That was our lucky day. He went on to feature the ZelectricBug on Roads and Rides. Check out his video below. See more of Robert's stunning work at

"This [Zelectric] is a Masterpiece . . .  I was immediately in lust." – Jalopnik's Damon Lavrinc 

"Top speed is around 100 MPH with a range of around 80 miles on the freeway and up to 100 miles around town. It even still has the manual transmission, although 1st gear is pretty much just for drag racing. But the best part is the conversion didn't involve any cut metal or superfluous welds."  Read Damon’s Jalopnik writeup here.

Click here to read the article.

Click here to read the article.

Think of Zelectric Motors as a genius mash-up of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Love Bug. (“We can rebuild it. We can make it better than it was.”)
— Sunset Magazine, August 2015

"It is fast. Very fast. With a relentless thrust that feels a lot more like Porsche than Volkswagen."
– BBC Autos

BBC Autos found @ZelectricBug on Twitter and sent senior editor Matt Phenix down from LA for a test drive. Matt shares his thoughts on the Zelectric and the future of converting classic cars to 100% electric power. 

Read his original BBC Autos article here.

"Brace yourself for the sound of silence... but these days, quiet means fast!" – ABC News Nightline

In 2014–back when EVs were still considered a novelty– ABC News Nightline showcased Zelectric on the track at Willow Springs International Raceway - running the infamous Horse Thief Mile with a Tesla S, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.

NY Daily News: 

"Who said electric cars have no personality? Snag yourself a timeless automotive icon with modern usability."

"The Zelectric Beetle is transformed from a smoky, outdated, air-cooled flat-four-cylinder to a sleek and modern electric." Link to original review here.

VW Scene International magazine: 

Zelectric was truly honored to be featured on the July 2015 cover of Germany's largest VW magazine... (shown above) with an 8-page article and photo spread inside. Note that Midnight Black 1966 ZelectricBug on the cover, with the banner: ELEKTRISIEREND! 

"Turn on, Tune In, Plug In: 
Unlike any Beetle ever driven before: quiet, smoother ... a much better car." – CNET 

"A quiet Beetle... one that doesn't leak, doesn't overheat, doesn't pump fumes into the cabin from its non-existent rusty heat exchangers, doesn't need tuning up every few hundred miles, and costs pennies to run." More here.

"Still very much a classic vehicle: just one with a highly modern propulsion system." – Green Car Reports

"No electric car produced by a major manufacturer has had styling as eye-catching as this." More here. 


"Old cars and all-electric drivetrains generally don't mix. Zelectric Motors is out to fix all of that. This determined shop takes classic Volkswagen Beetles from the '58-'66 era and converts them completely over to electric, saving the vintage looks while updating the drivetrain with an eye on the future. Features include a range of 80-110 miles, ceramic heaters, a top speed of over 90 mph, and restored and/or well maintained exteriors and interiors that keep that original look without sacrificing function." More here. 

GQ FRANCE: "ZelectricBug - The Eco-Friendly Coccinelle"

International Bug! Read the article here. (Helps if you speak French.) 

PLAYBOY Germany:
"People think an old Beetle is a snail. Wrong. This quiet Beetle is a small race horse ."

"The Zelectric is a picture perfect poster child for how new, cleaner life can be breathed into a classic car."  – AutoblogGreen

"No word a lie, we here at AutoblogGreen are fans of classic cars. What we are not fond of, however, is the pollution that their inefficient engines create, and so it's great to see our old favorites lovingly up-cycled with electric drivetrains. The ZelectricBug is a beautiful example of how new, cleaner life can be breathed into an old Volkswagen Beetle."  Read the article here.

"The challenge was ambitious, but the electric Beetle is now a reality!" – Super VW Magazine, France

"In California, more and more people drive electric... an economical and ecological solution. Until now, these engines were reserved for series of new (mass production) vehicles, but Zelectric Motors has just changed that."