"Best of the Best."– Robb Report

California-based Zelectric transforms midcentury Volkswagen models and early Porsche classics for 21st century driving. 

David Benardo: Zelectric Motors CEO, Director of R&D, and RetroFuturist.

It started off simply enough. We always loved those classic VWs and vintage Porsches. Way back in the summer of ‘06 we thought…wouldn't it be cool: the juxtaposition of past/future. RetroFuture! Take that sweet German design and throw in a high performance electric powertrain. That would just blow us out of the water. Outrageous! We wanted that in our garage. 

6 years passed. Thinking about it. Wondering if it could be done. Researching possibilities. Then we dove into it. We set out to transform our vintage 63 Ragtop Bug into a fast, dependable car. It would have to be a total stock sleeper, and radically fun to drive. Almost no maintenance. Plus, we wanted to go 100 miles on just $3 dollars worth of fuel. 

The future of driving is electric. In 2012, we gathered a network of seasoned experts, each top drawer specialists in their field - high performance EV engineering, VW restoration, and mechanics who know vintage air-cooleds inside and out. As work began on that first Vdub, we named it the ZelectricBug.

Two and half years of testing to perfection produced our initial turnkey offering. Today, the Zelectric retrofit features a custom-designed electric powertrain paired with select mechanical upgrades, all of which are retrofitted into investment-worthy vintage VW models and early Porsches. We can zelectrify your current car or find the perfect candidate. Vintage German originals. Beetles, Microbuses, Karmann Ghias, Things, and early Porsches- 911, 912, 914.

The transformation begins with the 100% electric powertrain, then select proprietary modifications complete the Zelectric Performance Package. The addition of upgraded suspension, lights, brakes and more provide the most awesome retro-electric drive imaginable. 

There are three ways to go. If you don't currently own it, we can find it for you. We routinely round up excellent candidates, and may even have one or two on hand, commission-ready or rebuilt Zelectric and turnkey ready to go. Or bring us your own vintage air-cooled classic for a Zelectric retrofit, starting at $56,000 and up - depending on your model and options.

It’s been called “retro-futuristic experiential art on wheels.” Zelectric Motors is not and never will be a factory assembly-line operation. Each vehicle is meticulously transformed by hand. By the nature of the business itself, production will always be limited to bespoke creations, each somewhat unique. 

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Zelectric Motors is the brainchild of award-winning designer-producers
David Benardo and Bonnie Rodgers, partners in life and business since 1986.
Lifelong aficionados of the VW and Porsche brands, they've owned, driven and loved vintage Microbuses, Karmann Ghias, 50s-60s Beetles and one very special Porsche. 


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